patriot poem

Molly Pitcher was someone how brought water to the men.                                                                                            […]

Monsters night

one dark night the full moon was out.The evil Dr.Mcfriten was at his evil tricks again,but this time he was doing something way different.He was making a monster.The monster was going to take people and experiment on them so he could make more monsters.So Detective Vampire was going to find the people.He had been looking […]

Life in 5th grade

Life in 5th grade is fun,and cool.It is like so much more different than 4th grade because  you have to be more responsible.I am looking forward to being the oldest in the school. But what I think about 5th grade is I have got to prepare for the staar test so I can go to […]

California bluebell

The california bluebell scientific classification is hydroghyllaceae,and the scientific name is phacelia campanularia. The blooming period is February-June. The height is 8-24 enches. Sugjested uses border,mixes,and conteaners.It is one of mother nachers most extravigent shads of blue.It is coverd with white spoted hairs,and the leavs are heart shapet.


There are lots of helpful thing’s you can do,but what I can do is to be a good friend and lift people up if there down. The reason I like to this is because some people wont let people play.So I step in and make them feal better and let them play with me. Some […]