truck drivers perspecktive

Hi i’m a truck driver and ik ran away,and i think it was a good thing.He always runs in the streat and i almost hit him.I have almost hit him 5 times and his owner once.He always gets in the way of my deliverys ,but when i heard he ran away i was like yay!After […]

My day as a Superhero

It was a bright and sunny day in Super City.Dr.Jeff was trying to rob Super City Bank.Someone had to stop him and his name was Super Bob,Super bob’s super power was to blow bubbles.Super Bob went to save the day and everyone was wondering how he would do it.What he did was set a trap.What […]

Gold Rush

On the oregon trail it was very hard,and difficult.It was a bumpy ride because the weal’s were made of wood which led to a bumpy ride.Some people got sick and passed away,but we finally put something over are heads and that kep us safer from rain,and indians attacking us.But it took five mouths,and that made […]

patriot poem

Molly Pitcher was someone how brought water to the men.                                                                                            […]