California bluebell

The california bluebell scientific classification is hydroghyllaceae,and the scientific name is phacelia campanularia. The blooming period is February-June. The height is 8-24 enches. Sugjested uses border,mixes,and conteaners.It is one of mother nachers most extravigent shads of blue.It is coverd with white spoted hairs,and the leavs are heart shapet.


There are lots of helpful thing’s you can do,but what I can do is to be a good friend and lift people up if there down.

The reason I like to this is because some people wont let people play.So I step in and make them feal better and let them play with me.

Some people can be jerks and call people names,so I tell them you nead to treet others like you want to be treated.

So even if they’re not your friend you still nead to treat them with reaspect.

So if you are a jerk you can still chang how know’s you could ind up just like me.

Personal Narrative

A few months ago I went to my lake, and I remember it like it was yesterday…

Last 4th of July I spent at the lake.  We spent it with a few of our friends.  It was really fun because I got to tube and knee board.  My mom said I need to strap in if I was going to jump.  It was really funny when my brother flipped on the tube.  Me and Laney were on one tube and Bayle,Dreak,and Breadon were on another tube.Thay hit a jump and flew over us.After that I had a head ache.After we got off the boat we went to get fire works.That night we lite all the fire works.It was fun and scary at the same time because a fire work fell over.for a second I thot sombody was heart but a few minets later I relised that no body was.I’ll always remember that time with my family and freinds.

So Long 3rd Grade

The most important thing I learned was leaning how to do division.

My most difficult challenge was the stare test.

I was most surprised by what everything has done for me.

My favorite project was doing the volcanow project.

What I disliked most was taking the benchmark.